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When we say "Anything But Typical", what do we really mean?

We represent clients with construction related needs with one exception; we do not represent homeowners in construction disputes.

Everything we do is designed to benefit you, our client. Consider everything from our legal expertise, to our construction and engineering experience. Our pricing programs and even our overall philosophy of doing business are focused on the needs of our clients. We have crafted a law firm unlike any others.

We are different - While other firms claim to be different, we really are! Not only does our firm remain focused on California construction law, but the employees hold the following active licenses:

•Professional Engineer P.E. (Colorado)
•California General Engineering Contractor - A
•California General Building Contractor - B
•California Landscape Contractor - C-27
•California Electrical Contractor - C-10

There is no Substitute for Experience - Our experience in construction comes from working within the industry as an industry professional, not just from being another outside service provider.

Our Pricing
With our experience and confidence in construction law, we are willing to provide you with an estimate of the projected costs. You will know exactly what your total legal costs will be - in advance.

Our Style - Like many of our clients, you will appreciate our easy going, yet professional approach to handling your needs. You can talk to us without fear of getting billed every step of the way.

We know construction and we know how the process works. We are very good at what we do, which is construction law. You can be confident that whatever we do for you will be done in the most efficient and cost effective manner. After all, we have efficiency experts (industrial engineers) on staff and as far as we know, there are no other law firms that can make this statement.

Our Clients - Our firm is not for everyone though. Some people prefer to do business with more traditional law firms. You may be more comfortable with the concept of getting billed by the minute. You may find comfort in knowing that the meter is always running, for everything from phone calls to emails and faxes. That isn't how we work.

If you want to have new associates get trained at your expense, or you like the uncertainty of not knowing the total cost of legal services, you may want to think twice before considering our firm. We can understand your comfort level of doing things the "old fashioned way" and encourage you to look for a firm that you are comfortable with. It is important that we have a good "fit" with our clients.

For those of you that want results without waste, want to be treated like a strategic business partner, and want total transparency in the process, we invite you to give us a call. We'd love to find out how you want to be treated as our client.

Lawyers and Construction - are they just an extra expense?
You decide.
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We are...
Anything But Typical

Call us now to discuss how you can benefit by using a different approach to managing to your legal needs.



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