Saving Money by Using an Attorney - No it is not an oxymoron

Let's face the facts, litigation is expensive. You want to avoid litigation, but if necessary you want a good attorney will help you in an efficient (cost effective) manner.

In construction, a small overlooked detail can be costly, so you will gladly pay a premium for top notch estimators, project managers and superintendents. What often is forgotten is the contract itself, what the terms mean and how they can affect the overall success of a project. This can expose you a significant amount of risk. Some of which can either be negotiated away, or managed carefully.

This is where a savvy construction attorney can save you money, reduce your risk and make the project a little bit more in you favor. Up front, before there are any problems or conflicts, an attorney well versed in construction contracts can negotiate more favorable terms and assess any potential problems before they become problems.

Consider the small investment in a qualified attorney as cheap insurance against a potentially bad project. Any good attorney that wants your business will want to be your business and legal advisor beyond the one time need. A good construction attorney is a master negotiator and can be a great aid in solving problems or crafting agreements in your favor.

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