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Construction Law with a Difference
Scholefield Associates, P.C. has built a practice in construction law litigation through years of practical experience not just practicing law, but by drawing on successful careers working as engineers, project managers and equipment suppliers. At Scholefield Associates, we have all performed in one or more of these roles and thoroughly understand the entire construction cycle from initial design to final sign-off.
We provide common sense advice based on how the legal issues will affect your business. We believe our background, experience and quality of our staff makes us unique among all law firms in the construction law field. There may be bigger firms, but few if any have the staff and credentials we have.

Serving our Clients
Our practice is designed for a single purpose - to help you with construction related legal matters. Some law firms tell you they will provide aggressive, knowledgable and cost effective representation. That is a minimum standard that all attorneys' are obligated to provide for their clients, so why would this be a unique selling point? You need to be sure that the background and culture of the firm you plan on working with is in sync with your business. In other words, is the firm going to be a good fit for your needs?

We are focused- Scholefield Associates does not claim to practice all areas of law. While it may appear impressive to boast that a firm practices in many areas of law, this really is meaningless when you need help in a construction related matter. Nobody can be all things to all people; we realize this and rather than be the jack-of-all-trades…we think of ourselves as the master of one. Your law firm should understand your construction business better than you. Our belief is that there is no substitute for hands-on experience. We have that experience. There are many attorneys that think they have "worked" in construction, but only as lawyers. There are even fewer attorneys that are also engineers. And there are even fewer law firms that have engineers and licensed contractors on staff. Just ask yourself this question:

Do you know more about law than your attorney knows about construction? -
If the answer is "yes", let's just say you have been warned. Without practical experience, your legal costs could become unnecessarily expensive as you teach your attorney your business. We service all construction industry related clients including manufacturers, agencies, distributors, subcontractors, general contractors and owners. We concentrate only on construction law matters and issues faced by those in this industry. We know the California construction community and are very focused on our area of expertise. image
The benefits of Technology- Scholefield Associates handles numerous support services in-house as well. We are proud to have state-of-the-art equipment and software to get the job done. Some of our services include:

•Electronic document management system that keeps thousands of documents organized and searchable at an instant
•Portable high speed scanners for on-site document acquisition
•All digital in-house professional video editing facility
•Analog video to miniDV digital to DVD conversions
•On-location video production equipment for depositions
•On-location professional digital audio recording equipment
•Award winning trial presentation software
•High definition courtroom projecton eqipment
•Staff litigation technologist and video editors

What does all this do for you? It improves our efficiency, which saves you money.

Dealing with contracts-know what they can do for you - Construction and complex contracts go hand-in-hand. Complete and thorough contract documents go a long way toward successful projects. We offer sound legal and business advice for all types of contracts. Leave it to us to draft, interpret and negotiate your contracts as well as litigate your construction disputes. Our firm has been selected as a trainer on AIA contracts and we can describe what each section means to you.

Regulations and Licensing - Contractors are are bound by rules and regulations unique to the construction industry. Scholefield Associates attorneys have extensive experience interpreting and resolving issues with the Contractors State Licensing Board (CSLB) and with surety companies. In addition, Scholefield & Associates has significant experience with Mechanic's Lien laws, Stop Notices, Miller Act claims, Damages and public Contracting.

History - Now in its present form as Scholefield Associates, P.C., the law firm opened its doors in 1998 as a solo practice of Pamela J. Scholefield. At that time she concentrated on serving the needs of companies in the electrical industry. Since then, the firm has gained experience in other areas of law, but Ms. Scholefield always came back to the area of law where she excelled and enjoyed the most, construction law and the issues faced by those in the construction industry. Ms. Scholefield personally supervises all of the construction client matters handled by associates and co-counsel attorneys.

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